Earth versus Soup

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The 1977 disaster film Earthquake was the first to use what specialty sound system?
Dolby Stereo
IMAX 6-Track
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Which of the following is the only variety of Campbell's Soup featured in Andy Warhol's original 1962 pop art cans display that does NOT feature all capital block letters in its name?
Split Pea with Ham
Cream of Mushroom
Manhattan Style Clam Chowder
Old-Fashioned Tomato Rice
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Which member of The Go-Go's had a solo Number One Billboard Pop Hit single in 1987 with "Heaven Is a Place on Earth"?
Jane Wiedlin
Belinda Carlisle
Gina Schock
Kathy Valentine
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What TV sitcom made "No soup for you!" a catchphrase for a time during the 1990s?
The Drew Carey Show
3rd Rock from the Sun
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"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" is a quote spoken by the title character in which of Shakespeare's plays?
King Lear
Richard III