5 Questions: Not Weak

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What brand of laundry detergent used to advertise that it was "stronger than dirt"?
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In which of the following low-budget adventure films was Arnold Schwarzenegger billed as "Arnold Strong"?
Herculues Unchained
Hercules vs. the Moon Men
Hercules in New York
The Three Stooges Meet Hercules
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Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong had a Number One Billboard pop hit with what Broadway show tune?
Stranger in Paradise
Thank Heaven for Little Girls
Send in the Clowns
Hello, Dolly!
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What breed of dog is pictured in the logo for Strongheart Dog Food?
German Shepherd
Great Dane
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What comedienne created and occasionally appeared on the Lifetime medical drama series Strong Medicine?
Joan Rivers
Whoopi Goldberg
Margaret Cho
Paula Poundstone