5 Questions: Stop "Stall"ing

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Which U.S. President had an indoor pool installed in the White House so that he could swim as physical therapy to treat the effects of polio?
Herbert Hoover
John F. Kennedy
William Taft
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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In what film did Sylvester Stallone play Lincoln Hawk, a truck driver who was also a competitive arm wrestler?
Grudge Match
Over the Top
Escape to Victory
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What breed of horse was the titular equine in the 1979 film The Black Stallion?
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Which of the following devices, found in most commercial and military airliners, is designed to warn the pilot of an imminent stall?
Stick shaker
Cross pointer
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Gene Stallings coached what college football team to a win in the 1992 Sugar Bowl?
Notre Dame
Auburn University
Virginia Tech
University of Alabama