Five W's

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The headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO) is located in what city?
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"What a Fool Believes" was a Number One Billboard Pop Hit single released from what band's 1978 Minute by Minute album?
The Knack
The Doobie Brothers
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What actress imitated a woman experiencing extreme sexual pleasure while sitting in a delicatessen in a classic scene of the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally?
Goldie Hawn
Julia Roberts
Meg Ryan
Jamie Lee Curtis
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What author won a Caldecott Medal for the 1963 children's picture book Where the Wild Things Are?
Maurice Sendak
Dr. Seuss
Beatrix Potter
Shel Silverstein
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The Netflix TV series 13 Reasons Why centers on high school student Clay Jensen, and his classmate Hannah, who died by what means?
Random shooting
Complications of anorexia nervosa
Drunk driving accident