"Act" Naturally

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Who played obsessive, psychotic publishing executive Alex Forrest, who tormented Michael Douglas after a weekend fling in the 1987 film Fatal Attraction?
Susan Sarandon
Michelle Pfeiffer
Daryl Hannah
Glenn Close
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Where on her child's body might a mother apply Bactine?
Sore throat
Scraped knee
Lice-infested scalp
"Pink" Eye
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Which of the following stand-up comics portrayed a character who worked at the Powers & Son airplane parts factory on their self-titled TV sitcom?
Ellen Degeneres
Jeff Foxworthy
George Lopez
Roseanne Barr
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Joe Theismann was the quarterback for NFL team when he suffered a career-ending compound fracture of his lower right leg in 1985?
Washington Redskins
Buffalo Bills
San Diego Chargers
Dallas Cowboys
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The character known in the U.K. as "Action Man" is better known in the U.S. by what name?
Mr. Clean
G.I. Joe
The Terminator
Tony the Tiger