Are You "Tru"cking with Me?

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What is the first name of the wife of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who gained notoriety after being spotted partying with the Rolling Stones in 1977?
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Tess Trueheart was the long-time love interest (and eventual wife) of what syndicated comic strip character?
Gil Thorp
Rex Morgan, M.D.
Prince Valiant
Dick Tracy
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What actor portrayed an adult who'd been adopted as a child by a corporation and raised on camera in a controlled environment in the 1998 science fiction satire film The Truman Show?
Ben Stiller
Jim Carrey
Robin Williams
Adam Sandler
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Which of the following professionals would be MOST likely to use a truncheon?
Police officer
Airline pilot
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Gertrude "Trudy" Ederle was famous for being the first female to do which of the following?
Play in Little League baseball
Swim the English Channel
Climb Mt. Everest
Be accepted for admission to West Point