Ankara (It's the Capital of Turkey)

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What 1977 non-fiction book told the story of young American student Billy Hayes, who was sentenced to life in prison after being caught trying to smuggle four pounds of hashish out of Turkey?
In the Belly of the Beast
Midnight Express
King Rat
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What American Founding Father once jokingly suggested that the turkey, rather than the bald eagle, should be adopted as the National Symbol of the U.S.?
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
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Which of the following amino acids is commonly blamed for the drowsiness experienced after gorging on a turkey dinner?
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Which of the following physical features found on an average turkey is also the name of a hair accessory sometimes worn by women?
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What actress starred as Betty Mahmoody, who embarked on a treacherous journey from Iran to the American Embassy in Turkey to escape her abusive husband in the 1991 film Not Without My Daughter?
Geena Davis
Sally Field
Julia Roberts
Jodie Foster