5 Questions: How I Met Your Mother

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What actor told us in a series of TV commercials that Smith Barney made money the old-fashioned way (by earning it)?
Wilford Brimley
Burgess Meredith
John Houseman
Edward Woodward
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In the DC comics universe, before Dick Grayson became Robin, the Boy Wonder, he worked with his parents as what?
Magician's assistant
Circus acrobat
Animal trainer
Commercial fisherman
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Who provided the voice of Mark Wahlberg's stuffed bear best friend in the 2012 film Ted?
Patrick Stewart
Paul Reiser
Bradley Cooper
Seth MacFarlane
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What band's 1967 single "Pictures of Lily" went to Number 4 in the U.K. but failed to crack the U.S. Top 40?
The Who
The Rolling Stones
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The Marshall Plan was the American initiative to provide economic support to Europe after which war?
World War I
American Revolutionary War
Spanish-American War
World War II