5 Questions: R.I.P. Robin Williams

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Which of the following foundation garments traditionally utilizes two or more hook-and-eye fasteners?

Garter belt
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Professional golfer and hall-of-famer Jack Nicklaus is known by what nickname?

The Golden Bear
The King of Swing
The Strawberry Fox
Boss of the Moss
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What was the name of the man Olive Oyl was engaged to marry before she fell for the sailor man named Popeye?

Barnacle Bill
Harold Hamgravy
George Geezil
O.G. Watasnozzle
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Which character on AMC's The Walking Dead owned a Winnebago RV that was ultimately abandoned at the Greene farm?

Shane Walsh
Carol Peletier
Morgan Jones
Dale Horvath
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What band's Toys in the Attic album yielded the hits "Sweet Emotion" and "Walk This Way"?

Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Jefferson Starship