5 Questions: Native American Tribes

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What type of hat does an Apache dancer traditionally wear?

Top hat
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What company developed and produced the Jeep Cherokee before Chrysler purchased the brand in 1987?

General Motors
American Motors
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What singer sings about picking flowers on Choctaw Ridge in her 1967 Number One hit "Ode to Billie Joe"?

Donna Fargo
Nancy Sinatra
Bobbie Gentry
Petula Clark
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Who provided the voice of Crow T. Robot for the first seven seasons of TV's Mystery Science Theater 3000?

Trace Beaulieu
Jim Mallon
Frank Conniff
Kevin Murphy
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Kickapoo Joy Juice was a volatile hard liquor favored by the characters in what comic strip?

Andy Capp
Li'l Abner
Gasoline Alley