5 Questions: I Am A D.J.

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Dennis James hosted the very first televised charity telethon, back in 1951, which raised money for what organization?

United Cerebral Palsy
Muscular Dystrophy Association
March of Dimes
American Red Cross
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Miami Vice star Don Johnson recorded "Till I Loved You" in 1988 as a duet with what singer (who was also his then-girlfriend)?

Barbra Streisand
Whitney Houston
Gloria Estefan
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Shortstop Derek Jeter played with what Major League Baseball team for 20 seasons?

Chicago White Sox
Oakland Athletics
New York Yankees
Texas Rangers
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What did D.J. Conner's initials stand for on the TV sitcom Roseanne?

Dan Junior
Dwight John
Derek Jeter
David Jacob
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David Janssen starred in which of the following TV crime series?

Harry O
Quincy M.E.