5 Questions: Very "Britt"le

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Wealthy newspaper publisher Britt Reid is the alter ego of what superhero?

Green Lantern
Captain America
Green Hornet
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Swedish actress Britt Ekland provided some breathy spoken vocals during the coda of what Rod Stewart hit single?

Forever Young
You're in My Heart
Tonight's the Night
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
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The late Brittany Murphy used to voice which character on the animated TV series King of the Hill?

Peggy Hill
Bobby Hill
Luanne Platter
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Where would you be most likely to find a Brittle star?

In the sky
In the ocean
In the human pancreas
On an Air Force uniform
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Swedish actress May Britt was married for eight years to which member of Hollywood's legendary Rat Pack?

Sammy Davis Jr.
Peter Lawford
Joey Bishop
Dean Martin