5 Questions: Sorta Like a Spear

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What is the name of the non-profit organization founded by professional cyclist Lance Armstrong to provide support for cancer patients?

Fovever Young
Show Hope
Victory Junction Gang
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Which of the following U.S. military ranks has a level that is preceded by the word "Lance"?

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Judge Lance Ito became a household name when he presided over which celebrity's criminal trial?

Leona Helmsley
Michael Jackson
O.J. Simpson
Martha Stewart
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Lance Kerwin starred in the 1976 TV movie The Loneliest Runner, an autobiographical film about bed-wetting written by what actor?

Michael Landon
Alan Alda
Michael Douglas
Bill Bixby
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Lance Bass was (appropriately) a bass vocalist for what boy band?

New Kids on the Block
'N Sync
Backstreet Boys
98 Degrees