5 Questions: Mick Jagger

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What singer/songwriter repeated asked "How does it feel?" in his 1965 hit "Like a Rolling Stone"?

Pete Seeger
Arlo Guthrie
Bob Dylan
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Bianca Minola was the younger daughter longing for her lover Lucentio in which of William Shakespeare's plays?

The Tempest
The Taming of the Shrew
The Comedy of Errors
Romeo and Juliet
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What NYPD Blue actor starred in the 1995 erotic thriller film Jade?

Jimmy Smits
Rick Schroeder
David Caruso
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
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Jerry the cartoon mouse danced with what hoofer in the 19445 musical Anchors Aweigh?

Gene Kelly
Fred Astaire
Donald O'Connor
Ray Bolger
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Monty Hall was the host of which of the following long-running TV game shows?

Hollywood Squares
Let's Make a Deal
Truth or Consequences