5 Questions: The Mikado

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What name did Koko, the sign language gorilla, give to her first pet, a tail-less kitten?

Puff Puff
All Ball
Purr Fur
Fat Cat
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Actress Sara Gilbert played an angsty teenager named Darlene on what TV sitcom?

The Cosby Show
Married...with Children
The Nanny
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"Tush" was the only single released from what band's Fandango! album?

Average White Band
ZZ Top
The Doobie Brothers
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To whom did Heavyweight Champion John L. Sullivan lose his title in a highly publicized 1892 contest?

"Gentleman Jim" Corbett
Jim Jeffries
Jack Dempsey
Gene Tunney
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What actor portrayed a lascivious landlord who only rented apartments to attractive young single women in the 1963 film Under the Yum Yum Tree?

Rod Taylor
Jack Lemmon
Steve McQueen
Frank Sinatra