5 Questions: All the Fixin's

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What cartoon character's speech impediment causes him to utter such malapropisms as "I yam what I yam!"?

Foghorn Leghorn
Donald Duck
Woody Woodpecker
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What Beatles song features John Lennon muttering "cranberry sauce" during the fade-out, while conspiracy theorists insist he's saying "I buried Paul"?

Revolution 9
Don't Pass Me By
Strawberry Fields Forever
A Day in the Life
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What did "Bluto" (John Belushi) say he was imitating in the 1978 film National Lampoon's Animal House when he filled his mouth with mashed potatoes and spat them across the table?

A carbuncle
A zit
A hemorrhoid
A canker sore
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What college's athletic teams are called the Cornhuskers?

University of Nebraska
Indiana University
University of Iowa
Northwestern University
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What talk show host was called to Capitol Hill to testify when the FTC sued the manufacturers of a controversial green coffee bean supplement he promoted?

Dr. Phil
Keith Ablow
Travis Lane Stork
Dr. Oz