5 Questions: Sunglasses

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What U.S. Army General popularized Aviator sunglasses (then made by Bausch and Lomb)  when he was frequently photographed wearing them during WWII?

Dwight D. Eisenhower
George S. Patton
Douglas MacArthur
Norman Schwarzkopf
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What Canadian artist had a U.S. Top 10 hit in 1984 with "Sunglasses at Night"?

Corey Hart
Bruce Cockburn
Bryan Adams
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What was the first name of the character portrayed by Bruce Willis on the TV series Moonlighting, who temporarily made browline sunglasses a fashion trend?

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What former First Lady of the U.S. was rarely seen in public without her iconic oversized sunglasses after she left the White House?

Mamie Eisenhower
Jackie Kennedy
Pat Nixon
Betty Ford
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In what 1983 film did Tom Cruise famously sport Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which caused a sales spike for the almost discontinued frame style?

Top Gun
Risky Business
The Color of Money