5 Questions: Chester

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U.S. Vice President Chester A. Arthur assumed the role of President when what incumbent was assassinated?

James Garfield
John F. Kennedy
William McKinley
Abraham Lincoln
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Chester Burnett was the real name of what legendary American R & B singer/guitarist?

B.B. King
Muddy Waters
Howlin' Wolf
Buddy Guy
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Cartoonist Chester Gould created and wrote what long-running syndicated comic strip?

Beetle Bailey
Dick Tracy
Gil Thorp
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Which of the following defining characteristics applied to the character of Chester, as played by Dennis Weaver, on TV's Gunsmoke?

Spoke with a stutter
Was extremely nearsighted
Was allergic to horses
Walked with a limp
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Chester W. Nimitz was a highly decorated officer in what branch of the U.S. military?

Air Force