5 Questions: Still Fruity

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Which of the following fruit colors/flavors was the first to be added to the original trio of "raspberry red, lemon yellow and orange orange" in General Mills' Trix cereal?

Banana Yellow
Lime Green
Grapity Purple
Blueberry Blue
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What actor played the handsome gambler Russell Donovan, who encountered bumbling hold-up men Don Knotts and Tim Conway in the 1975 Disney film The Apple Dumpling Gang?

Richard Long 
Dean Jones
Bob Crane
Bill Bixby
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Which of the following liqueurs does NOT have an orange flavor?

Triple Sec
Grand Marnier
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The 1996 Top 30 single "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States incorporated riffs from what classic Bad Company song?

Feel Like Makin' Love
Rock and Roll Fantasy
Bad Company
Can't Get Enough
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Fred Berry, one of the members of the Lockers dance troupe, was a regular on what TV sitcom?

Gimme a Break
Good Times
Sanford and Son
What's Happening!!