5 Questions: John Lennon

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The film production company Imagine Entertainment was co-founded by what TV actor-turned-director?

Frank Oz
Ron Howard
Rob Reiner
Penny Marshall
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Chumley the Walrus was the sidekick to which of the following cartoon characters?

Magilla Gorilla
Tennessee Tuxedo
Mr. Peabody
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What comedy act's 1974 The Wedding Album featured the novelty hit single "Earache My Eye"?

Cheech and Chong
Firesign Theatre
The Credibility Gap
George Carlin
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What sitcom star portrayed a minister who encouraged his entire town to quit smoking as part of a tobacco company challenge in the 1971 film Cold Turkey?

Don Adams
Larry Hagman
Bob Crane
Dick Van Dyke
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"All power to the people!" was the slogan of what left-wing revolutionary organization?

Symbionese Liberation Army
The Weather Underground
The Black Panther Party
Students for a Democratic Society