5 Questions: The Corner Chemist

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According to legend, the giant wooden Trojan Horse was used as a tool to smuggle soldiers into what ancient city?

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What young woman became an icon of the right-to-die movement in 1975 when she lapsed into a coma after ingesting a combination of Valium and alcohol at a party?

Nancy Cruzan
Janet Adkins
Terri Schiavo
Karen Ann Quinlan
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"The Morning After" won an Academy Award for Best Original Song as the theme for what disaster film?

The Towering Inferno
The Poseidon Adventure
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What character on TV's Little House on the Prairie became addicted to morphine in a classic story arc?

Mr. Edwards
Willie Oleson
Albert Ingalls
Almanzo Wilder
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What author's 1966 novel Valley of the Dolls used the word "dolls" as a synonym for the prescription stimulants and sleeping pills her characters relied upon?

Joan Didion
Jacqueline Susann
Jackie Collins
Erica Jong