5 Questions: Dial Tone

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On what TV sitcom did Charles Kimbrough portray a no-nonsense TV anchorman named Jim Dial?

30 Rock
Murphy Brown
Suddenly Susan
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Tone brand bath soap was originally promoted as a "skin care bar" because it contained which of the following ingredients?

Cocoa butter
Cold cream
Vitamin D3
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Before area codes were required for local calls, which of the following dialing prefixes were used in most U.S. cities for premium pay-per-minute services such as psychic hotlines and Dial-A-Joke?

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Which of the following songs was a Top 5 hit for The Monotones in 1958 (and their only entry in the Billboard Top 40)?

Summertime Blues
The Book of Love
Willie & the Hand Jive
La Bamba
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What actress played the American socialite who was the victim of a blackmail scheme/murder plot by her husband in Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 thriller Dial M for Murder?

Kim Novak
Eva Marie Saint
Janet Leigh
Grace Kelly