5 Questions: The Rebel Set

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What was the name of the one-time heavyweight boxing champion played by Mr. T in the 1982 film Rocky III?

Clubber Lang
Ivan Drago
Apollo Creed
Mason "The Line" Dixon
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What was the name of the coffee house that was frequented by the characters on the long-running sitcom Frasier?

Central Perk
Rear Window Brew
Espresso Pump
Cafe Nervosa
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Which of the following singles by Chicago hit the Number One spot both in the U.S. and the U.K. and also earned a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance?

Saturday in the Park
Baby What a Big Surprise
Colour My World
If You Leave Me Now
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What type of animal was Chessie, the mascot painted on trains belonging to the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway?

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What company manufactured the first armored car in 1914, which was used by the military during World War I?

Rolls Royce