5 Questions: Oscar

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Over his six-decade career, fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has dressed every U.S. First Lady up to and including Michelle Obama, and beginning with which Presidential spouse?

Mamie Eisenhower
Jackie Kennedy
Bess Truman
Eleanor Roosevelt
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In the long-running classic TV commercial, what is four-year-old Andy Lambros holding (besides a bologna sandwich) while he sings the praises of Oscar Mayer lunch meats?

A dog on a leash
Fishing pole
Baseball glove
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What actor won a Tony Award for his portrayal of Oscar Madison in the original Broadway production of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple?

Walter Matthau
Jack Weston
Ned Beatty
Charles Grodin
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Which of the following vegetables is placed atop the cutlets in the traditional recipe for Veal Oscar?

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Which of the following is the nickname of professional (and Olympic medal-winning) boxer Oscar de la Hoya?

The Mongoose
The Hitman
The Golden Boy
The Living Death