5 Questions: Ride the Rails

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Though historians have dismissed the story, legend has it that David Rice Atchison was acting President of the United States for one day in 1849, when what man refused to be signed into office on a Sunday?

Millard Fillmore
John Tyler
Franklin Pierce
Zachary Taylor
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Which of the following playing card suits has been incorporated into the logo of the off-price department store retailer Burlington Coat Factory?

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Which of the following squares is on the same side of the board in a standard U.S. Monopoly game as the B&O Railroad?

Luxury Tax
Electric Company
Water Works
Income Tax
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Which of the following oil companies offered a high-octane brand of gasoline called "Super Chief"?

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What future TV detective starred in the 1975 film A Boy and His Dog, in which he found shelter in an underground biosphere called "Topeka" after a nuclear war destroyed much of the Southwestern United States?

Don Johnson
Tom Selleck
Michael Douglas
Bruce Willis