5 Questions: Television Parts

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Which of the following songs was a Top 10 Billboard Pop Hit for The Tubes in 1983?

Never Gonna Let You Go
She's a Beauty
Hungry Like the Wolf
Der Kommissar
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Which of the following ingredients was added to Dial bar soap in 1948 in order to make it antibacterial (and was removed in 1972 courtesy of an FDA ban)?

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What actor starred as "Hard Harry", a DJ operating a pirate radio station from his parents' basement in the 1990 film Pump Up the Volume?

Johnny Depp
Nicolas Cage
Christian Slater
Judd Nelson
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What future magazine editor once donned a pair of rabbit ears and worked as a Playboy bunny in order to write an expose of Hugh Hefner's nightclub chain?

Gloria Steinem
Anna Wintour
Helen Gurley Brown
Ann Shoket
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What science fiction TV series used to open with a voice that warned viewers "We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical."?

The Twilight Zone
One Step Beyond
The Outer Limits
Night Gallery