This Hidden Amazon Page Makes It Easier to Fix, Recycle, or Trade in Your Old Tech Gadgets

If you're looking for an easy way to reduce your e-waste, this hub can help.
If you're looking for an easy way to reduce your e-waste, this hub can help. / Amazon
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Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. While it ships more than one million packages every day, unfortunately, a lot of those deliveries end up as returns or worse, in landfills. But now, as part of its sustainability program, the retail giant is offering a better way to recycle, repair, and even trade in old electronics, courtesy of Amazon Second Chance.

Much like Just for Prime deals, this hidden hub is tucked away on the retailer’s site, but it offers a lot of benefits. If you’re looking to upgrade or just want some Amazon credits, you can trade in eligible devices—including Amazon gadgets, tablets, video game consoles, Bluetooth speakers, and more—for a gift card. In fact, you might even get a discount on the newer version of the device you just traded in.

Recycling is just as straightforward: You can send electronics in via the company’s recycling program. If you’re not sure what to do with your old tech, it could be a good resource, as Amazon will cover all the costs associated with shipping and recycling these devices and accessories, and will erase or destroy any identifying marks (or personal information) that you might have missed.

You can even get tips for how to recycle packaging, including everything from bubble-lined plastic bags to foil insulation, paper-padded mailers, and more. In addition, the company offers information on where to bring select shipping waste near your home.

Beyond recycling, Amazon Second Chance may help you prolong the lifespan of your favorite gadgets, too. Through the hub, you can gain access to free and fast product support on eligible items up to 90 days after purchase. If you’re still struggling with replacement parts or just with generally using the device, product support can even point you toward tutorials and other things to help, like specific tool kits.

Or, say you’re the kind of shopper who just appreciates a solid discount. Customers return perfectly good merchandise to Amazon all the time, but the retailer can’t resell these items as new products, so instead they typically opt to resell them as pre-owned and/or open-box items through the Amazon Warehouse hub. It also resells renewed items—pre-owned, open box, and refurbished products—through Amazon Renewed. All items sold come with a 90-day replacement or refund warranty, but items marked as Renewed Premium products are covered for up to a year.

No matter how you put it to use, Amazon Second Chance can be a great way to clear away clutter and reduce e-waste, and you might even find some stellar bargains while you’re at it.