The One Reason You Know Them

Bucky “F*#@ing" Dent. James “Buster” Douglas. Kerri “You Can Do It” Strug. Some athletes have their entire careers summed up in a single moment.


Even I Could Have Seen This Coming

And I’m no psychic. One of the most famous “psychics” around has yet another example to add to her collection of woefully inaccurate prognostications.


Believe It Or Not

There’s a new book out about Robert Ripley, the man behind the famous museums that catalog the awesome and odd.


Cracking the Case

The huge Brussels Airport diamond heist may have been solved.


Trashing the Classics

These children’s books are fantastic, timeless treasures. But not everyone feels that way.


They’re Not Just For Kids

This list counts down the ways that puppets have been used to entertain older audiences.


Don’t Be A Scrub

Zach Braff recently launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign. But one very accomplished writer doesn’t think you should fall for it.