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Stores That Will Be Closed for Thanksgiving 2021

Alvin Ward
Photo by chris panas on Unsplash
Photo by chris panas on Unsplash / Photo by chris panas on Unsplash

In recent years, the Black Friday craze has inched further and further into Thanksgiving. With stores opening as early as 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Thursday, festive dinners are being overshadowed by shopping frenzies. But there are still some stores that allow workers to stay at home and enjoy the holiday.

Although most stores haven’t yet shared their plans for Thanksgiving 2021, we can pretty safely predict what they might be based on years past. Barnes & Noble, Patagonia, and REI, for example, are all known for shutting down operations for the holiday. And if you’re hoping to fit in a home improvement project right before the in-laws arrive that afternoon, make sure you have all necessary tools on hand: Lowe’s and The Home Depot traditionally stay closed, too.

Read on to see which businesses have already announced closures for this coming Thanksgiving, as well as a list of which ones were closed last year.

Closed for Thanksgiving 2021

  1. ALDI
  1. Best Buy
  1. Boscov’s
  1. Dick’s Sporting Goods
  1. Foot Locker
  1. Target
  1. Walmart

Closed for Thanksgiving 2020

  1. Barnes & Noble
  1. Bed Bath & Beyond
  1. BJ’s Wholesale Club
  1. Costco
  1. Crate & Barrel
  1. Dillard’s
  1. H&M
  1. IKEA
  1. JCPenney
  1. Kohl’s
  1. Lowe’s
  1. Macy’s
  1. Marshalls
  1. Office Depot
  1. Patagonia
  1. Petco
  1. Publix
  1. REI
  1. Sam’s Club
  1. Staples
  1. The Home Depot
  1. TJ Maxx
  1. Ulta
  1. Under Armour
  1. World Market