One of the best ways to end the old year and start off the new is to get organized: set new goals, tidy up clutter, and plan for the next 356 days. But some of us are more organized than others. If you have a family member who starts their spring cleaning in January or a friend who always completes their New Year’s resolutions, consider getting them a gift that will aid in their organizational endeavors. The list below includes tools for personal and home organization, along with space-savers so your favorite goal-setter can get their planning done in peace. Even though they’ve probably got a million things on their to-do list, they’ll at least be able to check off one thing on their “to-buy” list … and add you to the top of their other list for thank you cards.

1. Rocketbook Panda Planner; $37

Rocketbook Innovations/Amazon

Goal setters, planner lovers, and eco-conscious warriors will all find a beloved new sidekick in Rocketbook’s Panda Planner. The planner—which is completely erasable and reusable—is scientifically designed to turn goals into realities. In addition to space for daily to-do lists and calendars, it has weekly and monthly overviews to help users reflect on their progress. Planner pages can be saved digitally via Rocketbook’s free app, allowing consumers to take them on the go even when their notebook has to stay at home.

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2. K-Cup Carousel; $20

Nifty Home Products Inc./Amazon

Many coffee drinkers swear by their Keurig, but keeping pods organized can sometimes be a messy affair. This spinning K-cup carousel from NIFTY, which has space for 35 K-cups, helps coffee drinkers find exactly what they’re looking for without having to dig through their kitchen cabinet. The carousel can be tucked right next to the Keurig, turning a countertop into a mini barista station.

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3. STORi Drawer Organizers; $15

US Acrylic/Amazon

STORi’s drawer organizers transform messy spaces into something that Marie Kondo would be proud of. The clear containers come in eight different sizes, which can be mixed and matched to fit individual spaces. And they’re built with recessed bottoms, so they can easily stack to maximize vertical space. These are a great accessory for office spaces, vanities, or anywhere else odds and ends collect.

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4. Talented Kitchen Magnetic Spice Containers (Set of 12); $19

Talented Kitchen/Amazon

A set of magnetic spice containers is a great gift for home chefs with tiny kitchens. These nifty jars are magnetized to stick securely to refrigerators and other large appliances, freeing up coveted counter space in the process. The containers come with two sets of spice labels that cover the 96 most common spices used in cooking. In case your favorite chef makes any custom blends, there’s a few blank labels they can fill out, too.

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5. SIIG Smart USB Charging Station; $49


Eliminate the need for multiple surge protectors (or running around the house to find charging devices) with SIIG’s USB-charging station. The charger can power up to 10 devices simultaneously, and with extra-wide slots for eight different gadgets, it can easily fit larger items like Kindles. A non-slip padded “deck” acts as an extension to the charger, so smaller tools like AirPods or Apple Watches can charge alongside the rest of the tech.

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6. DMoose Cable Management Cord Organizer; $23


There’s perhaps nothing uglier than loose cords and wires, but they’re often necessary to keep electronics working properly. Keep the tech—but lose the mess—with a cable cord organizer. DMoose’s box discreetly hides power strips and wires, instantly improving the feng shui of any space. But it doesn’t just look good: it helps with safety, too. The box’s four cable cutouts are made from fireproof material, and with non-slip feet on end of the box, it’ll stay put even if someone gets jumpy during scary movie night.

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7. Spicy Shelf Expandable Under Sink Organizer; $25

Spicy Shelf/Amazon

The areas under kitchen and bathroom sinks are often the most neglected when it comes to organization, but with an expandable organizer, they’ll be as neat as more visible areas of the house. Spicy Shelf’s organizer can expand to fit around individual plumbing systems, and it can also adjust to four different heights in order to fit under the sink. The shelf holds up to 40 pounds of products, making it almost as indispensable as a box of Clorox wipes.

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8. XSOURCE Sports Equipment Storage Rack; $38


Every garage or home gym could use a little tidying…and a sports equipment rack. XSOURCE’s sports rack has three freestanding sections—two standard shelves and a shelf with hooks—that can either be kept separate or built together for a more streamlined look. A unique feature of this set is its four hooks, which can hold things like baseball bats, tennis rackets, and hockey sticks. Athletes don’t always win games, but this rack will have them feeling like they’ve won the Super Bowl of organization.

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9. AmeiTech Cosmetics Display Case; $36


AmeiTech’s adjustable cosmetics case cleans out bathroom drawers and allows makeup lovers to show off their collections. The case spins 360 degrees for easy access to products, and the heights of the middle trays can be adjusted to accommodate larger bottles of perfumes or cleansers. There’s plenty of space for smaller items, too—the top trays have compartments for 18 lipsticks and nail polishes, and there’s even a special section reserved for brushes. This is an all-in-one case that’s a must for every makeup artist.

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10. Mebbay Expandable Junk Drawer Organizer; $22


Junk drawers got their name for a reason—but why can’t they be “drawers of organized chaos” instead? Mebbay’s junk drawer organizer kit includes six storage containers of four varying sizes, and EVERY box is expandable to adjust to individual drawers. Along with the boxes comes a set of 25 adhesive non-slip pads, which will keep the boxes (and their contents) firmly in place.

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