5 Questions: DON'T CROSS ME 

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Which of these U.S. states borders the 49th parallel, an area disputed with Great Britain until the Oregon Treaty in 1846?
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What pop/new wave band recorded the 1978 album titled Parallel Lines?
The Pretenders
The Talking Heads
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Before the popularity of the USB port, which of these computer peripherals were most commonly attached to PCs by a cable connected to a parallel port?
a keyboard
a printer
a monitor
a diskette drive
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What type of musical instrument is often crafted with two parallel pipes, one known as a chanter and the other known as a drone?
the theremin
the pipe organ
the bagpipe
the trombone
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Which of these four-sided geometric shapes can have only two parallel sides?
a trapezoid
a rectangle
a parallelogram
a rhombus