So, Where'd You Go To College?

Let's see if you can guess where some notable people earned their undergraduate degrees. Today's focus is the media, because my TV was tuned to Morning Joe on MSNBC when I put this quiz together.

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Katie Couric, CBS Evening News anchor
University of Virginia
Ohio State University
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Greta Van Susteren, host of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on the Fox News Channel
University of Kansas
Indiana University
University of Wisconsin
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Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central
The College of William & Mary
American University
University of North Carolina
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Meredith Vieira, co-host of The Today Show on NBC
Tufts University
Oregon State University
College of Charleston
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Campbell Brown, host of No Bias, No Bull on CNN
Drew University
Regis College
Auburn University
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Keith Olbermann, host of Countdown on MSNBC
Boston College
Cornell University
University of Pennsylvania
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Bill O'Reilly, host of The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel
University of Buffalo
Villanova University
Marist College
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Charlie Gibson, ABC World News with Charles Gibson anchor
Northwestern University
Northeastern University
Princeton University
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Anderson Cooper, host of Anderson Cooper 360° on CNN
Williams College
Yale University
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Erin Burnett, co-host of Squawk on the Street on CNBC
Williams College
University of Maryland
University of Illinois
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Tom Brokaw, NBC News
University of Washington
Iowa State University
University of South Dakota
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Will Pearson & Mangesh Hattikudur, founders of mental_floss
Stanford University
Duke University
University of Notre Dame